Child Care is not just a women’s issue

The Bend Chamber of Commerce hosted a forum for all four candidates for the Deschutes County Board of Commissioners this week. A question on housing was directed to Oliver and his opponent. Then a question on child care was directed to the two female candidates, Morgan Schmidt (D) and Patti Adair (R).

The Bulletin reported on what happened next:

The child care question, which was addressed to the only female candidates, drew criticism from Tatom who said, ‘This is not just an issue that affects women.’

Tatom used over half of his time on a subsequent question about economic development and job retention to respond with solutions for Central Oregon’s child care desert.

Oliver has been a champion for child care since his election to the COCC board of directors, and he’s proud of the work the college has done to address the need for students and staff. Oliver will bring his solutions-oriented mindset and action-oriented record to this regional issue.

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