Five weeks to go before Election Day!

But with ballots going in the mail in TWO WEEKS, we are already in the home stretch of the campaign.

October 18: Last day to register to vote in Oregon

October 19: Ballots mailed

October 24: Up to a third of voters will have completed their ballot by this date

November 8: Ballots must be postmarked or received in an official drop box to be counted

We need your help! Yes. YOU. Even if you’ve never been politically active before, NOW is the time to start.

Our Republican opponents are outspending us (code for big donors), but we have the advantage of grassroots organizing (code for real people showing up). We at Team Tatom are working closely with other campaigns, including Jamie McLeod SkinnerEmerson Levy, Brian Lepore, and Morgan Schmidt, to maximize the reach of our volunteers during these crucial remaining weeks.

Here are a few ways you can pitch in.

Lit drops. These are a fun and easy way to get your steps in and help turn out the vote. If you’re shy, there’s no need to knock on doors (or even talk to voters). We give you a map and you simply distribute slate cards to each marked household. Each shift can be completed in less than an hour. Sign up here for Bend, or here for Redmond.

Office shifts. Help organize literature, call volunteers, or any number of other tasks at our coordinated campaign office in the Bend Central District. Sign up here.

Canvass voters. This is the single most impactful thing any volunteer can do for a political campaign. Using the free MiniVan App, we provide you a map and a list of voters we’ve identified as potential supporters (Democrats, non-affiliated voters, and even a few Republicans). You knock on their door and share your reasons for supporting Oliver. Short of meeting the candidate directly, talking to a fellow voter does more to turn out votes than any amount of paid advertising. Sign up here for Bend, or here for Redmond.

Want to help, but don’t want to go into the office or door-to-door? You can help us from home:

Simply reply to this email and let us know how you want to help!