Oliver is a Paramedic and Registered Nurse running for the Deschutes Rural Fire Protection District #2 Board of Directors. RFPD #2 partners with Bend Fire & Rescue to protect the lives and property of residents outside the City of Bend.

Oliver is a proven leader who knows how to support our first responders because he was a first responder. That is why he is the only candidate endorsed by Bend’s Fire and EMS professionals.

On May 18, vote Oliver Tatom for Fire Board.


After several years providing direct care to patients in the field and the clinic, Oliver now supervises a medical facility in South Deschutes County.


From serving on the COCC Board of Directors to providing community education on injury prevention, Oliver gives back and pays it forward.


A third generation Oregonian, Oliver appreciates the risks and benefits of living in the rural West. After losing his childhood home to fire, his family chose to rebuild and remain.

Fire is a natural part of the forest life cycle, but after decades of fire suppression, urban sprawl, and rising temperatures, wildfires have become more dangerous and destructive than ever. That is why is Oliver serves on Deschutes County’s Project Wildfire Steering Committee, working to help his neighbors prevent and mitigate the devastation of wildfire.